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Halloween Prison Tours at HSC

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

HSC - Haunted Prison Tour

In case you haven't heard, we are opening up the past and allowing those who are brave enough to tour our spooky grounds this Halloween season...

...Located at 122 State School Road in Warwick, NY, our campus has a very unique and ghostly history that goes back nearly a century. The site was originally developed and used as a vocational training school and reformatory for troubled boys from the 1930s up to the 1970s. The facilities were then converted to an all-male medium security prison in 1976. It remained in use as a prison up until June 2011.

Hudson Sports Complex - Old Correctional Facility

Although we are presently a sports complex, we have not shied away from our past. Many of our buildings, which once housed prisoners, remain intact yet abandoned by the every day person like you and I. Wire fencing and metal gates stand tall. Structures have become worn down, stranded between the surrounding hills and Wickham Lake...all of which seem to have developed personalities of their own...

...Every now and then you can hear shrieks, see shadows...neither of which are of the norm. Winds pass through the once bustling halls that have now fallen empty. Sunlight struggles to hit the slightest bit of the interiors leaving everything cool to the touch...The nights are ever so dark.

Luckily enough, we have a warm, kind, and knowledgable person guiding you through each tour. He goes by the name of Joel Benedict. It just so happens that he himself was a Correctional Officer here at the jail for nearly 30 years...say hi to Joel, your tour guide...

Joel will no doubt provide some creepy stories on your journey...he may even awaken some troubled spirits that have fallen victim to our deserted property. Keep your eyes peeled. Be prepared for some interesting sights and sounds as we invite you into the past...

Hurry and sign up today as many tours are completely SOLD OUT! Use the link below to sign up.

EVERYONE MUST PRE-REGISTER ONLINE. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT WALK-INS. We ask that you print out your purchase orders and bring them with you the day of the tour. We also ask that everyone also complete a waiver here.

We hope to see you here if you dare...

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