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2022 Veterans Tournament Review

On Friday November 11th, Hudson Sports Complex located in Warwick, NY hosted its 2nd Annual Veterans Day Tournament powered by Fox Soccer Academy.

This Tournament was recorded as the largest 3v3 tournament in Hudson Valley of 2022, and it also was the final tournament Hudson Sports Complex was to deliver in the calendar year before the highly anticipated Preseason Cup in February of 2023. The backroom staff at Fox Soccer Academy & Hudson Sports Complex were delighted to see 46 teams walk through the gates to our state of the art facilities throughout the action packed day! 8:30 AM we had our first round of teams arrive, with the last contestants out the door at 5:00 PM. This left us with a total count of 184 players and an additional 200 family members, coaches, and observers on the legendary day.

New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are the three states our contestants were traveling from on the day. This is a big component of Tournament planning Trevor Peterson enjoys, but sees it as a very important aspect of the players experience and development throughout and on the day:

"This is the beauty of being in an innovative, beautiful, and expansive facility. It gives us the platform to produce tournaments where we then have the opportunity to host as many people from different cities, states and communities as possible . I was impressed to see 17 different towns with teams registered just from the state of New York alone; some of these towns or cities included: Scarsdale, Brooklyn, Larchmont, Hyde Park, Monroe, Irvington, and many more.This is an amazing opportunity for players to see other styles of play, and on the social side of their development it is also nice to see them leaving with new or lose. The level of play and competition on the day was very high and the players did a fantastic job adapting to a new format of play after being on 7v7, 9v9, or 11v11 fields all year. I think as we progress through the new calendar year and approach our 5v5, 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11 tournaments that we are hosting in the future, any returning athletes and teams will know what level to expect and what intensity to bring on the day!"

Logan Kovach, another full-time staff member at Fox Soccer Academy, noted:

"When hosting these events, one hope is to connect with talent looking to join FSA's environment. It was great to see so many players from outside of our environment here to compete. In the future, we'll see some of these players joining our squads with hard work. With FSA players/parents assisting in the process, by signing up for events & welcoming our guests, it raises the level of the club, enhancing everyone's experience."

After a long day of competition, and unfortunate weather the players still celebrated their success energetically, with a barrage of ceremonies and medals. Win or lose you always leave Hudson Sports Complex with some sort of recognition: whether it is a winners medal and trophy, runners up medal, or participation certificate signed by the legendary Christian Fuchs!

As our FSA NY players start to prepare for their international tournament coming up in Barcelona, Spain we hope to see tons of competition and spirit in our Preseason Cup on February 23rd, 2023. It was a joy to host all contestants, and we thank you for the entertainment that was given to us on Veterans Day!

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