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An eclectic history...

The Hudson Sports Complex, located on 122 State School Road in the town Warwick, N.Y. has an eclectic history that goes back some eight decades. The site has been used as a vocational training school and reformatory for boys, a correctional facility for adult males and most recently a sports complex with a  brewery and office building currently under construction. Hudson Sports Complex is located on 36 acres in the foothills of the Ramapo Mountains in southern Orange County, less than 60 miles northwest of New York City.

State Training School

The site originally was a vocational training school and reformatory for boys from the 1930s to 1970s on 740 acres, with frontage on Wickham Lake. The State Training School for Boys officially opened on July 1, 1932, although many of the buildings were not completed until two years later. The facility housed as many as 500 boys, although 400 usually were in residence. Most of the boys were between 13 and 15 years old, although some boys as old as 19 lied about their age to avoid prison time. The program included vocational and academic training and work assignments in the kitchen, maintenance and grounds keeping or working on the farm.


Mid-Orange Correctional Facility

The facilities were converted to an all-male medium security prison in 1976, when it was renamed the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility. The first inmates arrived there on June 29, 1977. The facility held as many as 1,000 adult males in 1989, but the typical population number around 750 inmates. It remained in that capacity until June 2011, when New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced that the facility would be closed along with six other state prisons. Cuomo wanted to consolidate the correctional facilities based on declining inmate population.


The Town of Warwick Era Begins

In 2014, the Warwick Valley Local Development Corporation and the Town of Warwick took over the ownership of the property with the goal of redeveloping the area around Wickham Woods into a corporate park with sporting facilities.

The Yard Sports Village

In 2015, the Yards Sports Village was established on 36 acres of the property that offered activities in several youth sports, including soccer, baseball, yoga, crossfit, field hockey, general fitness and summer camps. Christian and Raluca Fuchs acquired the property in November of 2018 and rebranded the site as Hudson Sports Complex.


Beautiful People

In May 2018, Beautiful People, an organization that ensures adaptive sports for children with disabilities, expanded to a town park that is called Wickham Woodlands in the complex. Beautiful People is the Orange County chapter of the Miracle League (285 chapters), a national adaptive sports program. Daniel Fratto Memorial Field was constructed as a handicap-accessible baseball field and rubberized playing surface. The facility includes a pavilion, parking lot, recreational building with handicap-accessible bathrooms and a kitchen. The field is named after Fratto, a 16-year-old fighting severe immune deficiency disorder who volunteered with Beautiful People as a game announcer. He passed away at the age of 19 in 2012.


Drowned Lands Brewery

The Drowned Lands is a farm brewery founded as an homage to the dirt on which it is built.  It is a culmination of years of exploration and inspiration from the land.  The beer we create takes its cues from the richest soil in the country - connected distinctly to both time and place - inspired by old world techniques and modern innovation. 


The Drowned Lands will begin can releases in early 2020 along with select distribution and is slated to open its taproom in late spring of 2020 - featuring an expansive beer garden and an artisanal wood-fired pizza and cocktail program alongside its beer list.


Anything worth doing takes time, so slow down and stay awhile.

Hudson Sports Complex

In January 2019, the Hudson Sports Complex opened for business. Owned by Christian and Raluca Fuchs, the new facility plans to focus on professional, quality training, bringing in athletes, trainers and coaches from around the world. Fuchs, a former Austrian international and captain, plays for Leicester City, which captured the English Premier League crown in 2016. The facility will provide such services as individual and group skills and strength training as well as space for team practices and games and tournaments for soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, baseball and football.






Dean O'Leary.jpg

Dean O'Leary

Soccer Coach


Mike DiGeso

Center of Performance Excellence


Karl Patterson.jpg

Karl Patterson

Football / Speed & Agility Coach


Sport changes lives

The mission of the Foxes Sports Foundation, Inc., a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, is to help individuals with financial limitations to achieve success and independence through participation in educational and recreational sports training and programming. 

The purpose is to provide educational and character building programs and opportunities for children by teaching them about sports and how to play in a competitive, fun, and educational environment

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A new era of esports

#NoFuchsGiven esports was founded by Hudson Sports Complex owner, Christian Fuchs.

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NFG Merch

A lifestyle choice.


A way to express yourself, where there are #NoFuchsGiven.


Clothing, accessories, mystery boxes, and more at


Fox Soccer Academy

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FSA PREMIER is Fox Soccer Academy's (FSA) elite soccer program based here at Hudson Sports Complex (HSC) in Warwick, NY. FSA PREMIER is made up of both boys and girls travel teams, ages U8 - U18, who compete at the highest youth levels with the culture and fundamentals being based on English Premier League teachings.

Learn more about FSA PREMIER by visiting their website here.



FSA PRO is a member of the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL). We are a semi-professional soccer club proudly representing Warwick, NY. We are a Championship Club Founded by a Premier League Champion. #WeAreTheFoxes   #WeAreWarwick

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A Family of Foxes.


Founded by Premier League Champion, Christian Fuchs, Fox Soccer Academy's (FSA) mission is to spread the love for the most popular game in the world to players of all ages and abilities. Through our programs, camps, trainings, and FSA PREMIER travel clubs, we are striving to develop and influence the next generation of soccer players through elite instruction and international curriculums.


Learn more about Fox Soccer Academy's programs and mission by visiting their website here.


Fox Soccer Academy
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