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FSA PRO: The Fox Family Grows

The Fox...a symbol of cunningness, trickery, and adaptability. Their speed & profound eyesight are also just a couple of their great traits. Quite possibly the best characteristic though...their love towards their family.

These types of values and attributes are exactly what we are trying to instill with our newly assembled FSA PRO squad who are gearing up for their inaugural UPSL match on Saturday, Sept. 7! The lads are excited to get on the pitch and take on Real NYFC at Hudson Sports Complex as a true family. Kick-off is at 6PM so get ready to cheer on your Foxes!

It has been a nice journey for this new club as we continue to approach our 1st ever match. It all started in mid-spring and carried through the summer with a trifecta of tryouts. We had over 40 participants tryout over the span of those three sessions. The boys even go