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FSA PRO "Halloween Night" Oct. 26

The air is becoming more crisp and the nights are becoming darker much earlier here at Hudson Sports Complex. The leaves have completely changed their colors, many of which have found their way to the ground across campus. Just as the days are becoming shorter, the FSA PRO Foxes window of opportunity of first place is also getting narrower. They are hoping to change their ways for the better and are looking for brighter times. Their form has remained constant most of the inaugural season, but they've unfortunately fallen in the standings recently due to a wild winning streak by one of their foes. The next home game for the Foxes is in just 12 days so we hope to see you there as we look to scare Lincoln FC to gain much a desired three points!

Despite having a goal difference of a lucky 13 so far, the Foxes are currently sitting in second place behind their opening night opponent, REAL NYFC. It just so happens that REAL NYFC have not lost a single game with a 5-0 record up to this point. The Foxes cannot control the outcome of REAL's matches, but the squad is looking forward to coming back home on Saturday, Oct. 26 for what will surely be a festive evening at HSC!