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HSC Speed & Agility Coach Helps Local Sprinter Advance to State Championships

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Todd Crown, a well-respected track, conditioning, and football coach here in the Orange County area, has blessed us by joining the team at Hudson Sports Complex as our Speed & Agility Coach. His knowledge, passion, and ability to get the best out of his athletes is second to none. The proof: John S. Burke Catholic sprinter, Rashad Hames...

It is no small feat to be the best at anything, let alone be the best with only a couple months of experience...well, in just a few weeks of training with Coach Crown, Rashad has literally blown past his Section 9 competition.

Rashad Hames - Track Star

(Photo Courtesy of Times Herald-Record)

Pictured to the left above, Rashad Hames qualified for States in not 1, not 2, BUT 3 events --- the 100 meters, 200 meters, and 4x100 relay (he set school records in all three of these events by the way). The John S. Burke Catholic 4x100 relay team's success also points to Coach Crown's value & abilities to generate improvement from his athletes. The team has earned a spot to represent Section 9 at the New York State Championships and consists of Hames, Louis Usera, Jordan Wallace, and Brandon Crispino. Interestingly enough, three members of this 4x100 are first year track sprinters so it is quite impressive the strides Coach Crown and these runners have made in such a small window of time!

For Rashad, it is no secret that he is a gifted athlete, but he certainly owes some of his recent success to Coach Crown's guidance and training. Specifically, Coach Crown was able to rework Hames’ running form which has enabled him to become even faster.

Hames is headed to SUNY Cortland to play football next year so we wish him continued immediate & future success. Pictured below you can see Hames putting in the work at HSC under Crown's curriculum.

To learn more about our Speed & Agility programs, click here. These sessions are meant for any athlete so they can become stronger, more explosive, and faster.

Rashad Hames - Hudson Sports Complex Athletic Training

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