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Speed & Agility: Winter Combine & Crowning Jewels

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Coach Crown - Speed & Agility at Hudson Sports Complex

The Speed & Agility program at HSC has been one of our most successful and engaging training initiatives throughout our first year of operation. Not only do we host weekly training sessions, we've put on a Summer Combine and we are about to have our Winter Speed & Agility Combine in just 5 days!

Most of the success is due to Coach Crown's dedication and overall love of helping his students improve themselves. Not only does Coach Crown focus on the main areas that each individual can improve upon, he acts as a guiding mentor. He provides detailed drills and workouts needed for each specific athlete to attain and surpass their goals. In addition to these highly individualized routines, Coach Crown instills positivity and confidence so each student can stay motivated week in and week out. He's here to help you perform better not only in the upcoming season, but so you can be the best athlete you can be for years to come.

It's no surprise how many HSC students have already enhanced their strength and agility, especially when considering Coach Crown's previous success stories. His resume of training for over a decade is quite impressive as many of his students are collegiate athletes competing at very high levels. Let's take a look at some of Coach Crown's most recent Speed & Agility students who are currently achieving their dreams as student-athletes in college:

Heath Hoovler

Heath has been training with Coach Crown for over 5 years dating back to when he was a sophomore in high school at Burke Catholic. Heath knew putting in the extra time with Coach Crown would only better his chances of playing collegiate football which has now come to fruition as he just finished his first semester at Wilkes College as a Quarterback. Heath continues to train with Coach Crown at Hudson Sports Complex during the offseason and whenever he is back in town as he knows Coach will put him to work at keep focused.

Heath has very much enjoyed his time with Coach Crown and said to us, " he takes you under his wing and really focuses on your specific needs. I’ve had some great coaches, but Crown is more than just a coach, he’s a great man and that’s what makes him so good, he genuinely cares and you can see that."

Erin Kerr

Erin is a very recent student of Coach Crown, but has seen a ton of improvement over a short period of time, particularly in her acceleration and running form. Erin is training hard this winter as she is due to play in her first season at the University of Scranton on the Lacrosse team.

Erin recently shared with us, "My experience training with Coach Crown has been great and I feel myself improving with every session. His dedication to the goals I want to reach and showing me how to reach them in an understanding and professional matter is something that I think will surpass many other coaches."

Rashad Hames

Rashad (left) was a standout football and track star at Burke Catholic. This was where Coach Crown first built a lasting relationship with Rashad and powered him towards great success as a high school athlete.

Coach Crown was helping out the Burke Catholic football team as a trainer and then became Rashad's track coach and helped him become one of the fastest runners in Section 9. Rashad has not only been able to grow as an athlete, but as a person because of Coach Crown's guidance. Through his rigorous training sessions and connections, Rashad was able to make his way to SUNY Cortland where he just finished his first season on the football team. Rashad stated, "He truly cares about the people around him and he loves to see the athletes he trains prosper...both on and off the field."

Curtis Paul

Curtis is also somewhat of a newcomer for Coach Crown. Curtis has been training with Coach for just under a year now, however, has made massive strides on his overall fitness levels. Curtis is currently playing football at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Curtis explained, "My experience with Coach Crown really helped me be prepared for college football. When I got to camp the coaches were surprised with how well I was running as an offensive lineman. The conditioning Coach Crown and I did over the several months at HSC prepared me and I couldn't be more thankful for the improvements he allowed me to achieve."

Curtis' praise for Coach goes even farther as he told us, "Coach Crown is truly one of a kind, I have never had a Coach check up with me weekly to see how I was doing. When I first started going to Coach Crown’s workouts, I was scared because he had so many quick guys working out with him. But he designed workout plans that he knows will be challenging for all of us, and if we push through it, we can complete it. He made the workout environment feel like a family, we introduce ourselves to every person we are working out with and he always makes sure we have plenty of fun during the workouts. That’s why I always get to pick the choice of music, since I have the best playlists."

Michael Campbell Jr. (MC)

A Florida, NY native, and current Utica football player, MC has been training with Coach Crown at HSC for just under a year. He is so appreciative of what Coach has been able to help him due and believes a lot of his success in his first year as a student-athletes was based on the teaching from Coach.

MC was extremely impressed right away when starting his workouts. He said, "The first week with Coach at HSC made me realize that this is where I wanted to train. His workouts helped me realize that my body was not in the best shape as I thought it was. He brings the same energy to every training session and that motivates me to work harder."

MC went on to say, "Unlike trainers I’ve dealt with in the past, he understands what limits you have and how to progressively push you past those limits. Coach Crown makes sure everyone feels included in his workouts while still having time to work with you one-on-one."

If you're looking to improve your fitness levels and overall confidence, training with Coach Crown at HSC is the place to be. Young athletes need coaches who truly care about them as people first, then as athletes, and that's exactly how Coach operates. His dedication to helping each and every student improve is second to none as he strives to build future champions at the Home of Champions. Contact us today to learn more about our Speed & Agility program along with our upcoming Winter Combine!

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