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Speed & Agility on Full Display at HSC

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Speed & Agility Combine at HSC

HSC was proud to welcome 50+ participants from across the Hudson Valley and the tri-state area to our very first Speed & Agility Combine! We couldn't have asked for a better day as it was full of sunshine in the sky & passion on the playing field. We created 10 events for these young boys and girls so they could test their athleticism and show us what they got! The true purpose of this event was to put these athletes through a professional training environment so they could not only learn how to improve their skills, but to be proud of their current abilities while having fun. The vast majority of the participants were serious about their craft as they have the goal of playing collegiate sports. In effect, we wanted to provide them the guidance to help their dreams become a reality. Our motto within the Speed & Agility program is to "Train Like You Foxin' Mean It" and this combine certainly instilled that work ethic.

The event was open to all athletes of all sports so we wanted to cover as many situations as possible to replicate the skills needed to be a superior athlete. The Combine was thoughtfully crafted as we wanted to make sure each and every event was suitable, yet challenging, for the participants who ranged from the ages of 12 to 18. The Combine was essentially broken down into 4 quarters:

1. Warmups

2. Speed & Agility

3. Half-Time

4. Strength & Mobility

The morning started with some dynamic stretching and some light jogging. After a few minutes of warming up, we broke down into several groups based on age and got things moving! It was evident from the start that no matter the age or gender, these participants showed up ready to go as energy level was fantastic!

Tire Flip Drill - Hudson Sports Complex

The most familiar event to all was the 40-yard dash. This event not only showed us your speed, but your running technique and your ability to react & gain momentum. All of our athletes showed us that speed definitely kills as many kids came in at less than 6 seconds!

Other events included the vertical jump, medicine ball throws, speed hurdles, and even an obstacle course! We had several participants show us they had some hops with verticals over 25 inches & the hurdles didn't stand a chance as many of the participants flew right over them!

Probably the coolest and most testing feature of the day gave tribute to our Vice-President, Christian Fuchs. There is a hill just to the side of the Fieldhouse that has been aptly named: "Fuch'en Hill". Each any every athlete was asked to sprint up the hill as fast as they could and not even the hill could stop them in their tracks!

From about 9AM until Noon, these athletes left it all on the field. No heat nor challenge could stop them from doing their best. It was particularly wonderful to see all the smiles and camaraderie that this event caused.

At the end of the day, we'd like to thank all of the athletes, parents, coaches, volunteers, staff members, and sponsors for making this day possible. We are looking forward to hosting this event very soon. If you're interested in learning more about our Speed & Agility training program, visit our website today. Remember, "Train Like You Foxin' Mean It"!

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