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Program Addition: Lacrosse Training

As an inspiring and ambitious athlete you need to work hard, be committed and be confident in your abilities, and you need to train more than the rest.

Our Lacrosse 1on1 trainings give you the extra boost to make you a well rounded and competitive player to achieve the next level.

All sessions are individually scheduled based on your needs. Trainings will take place at Hudson Sports Complex.

Call us today at (845) 986-777 to book your session or email us at

Our Coach

Spencer Ross has thoroughly enjoyed playing Lacrosse for many years. His lacrosse career began on a travel team where he played for four years, while attending lacrosse camps during the summers. Spencer’s love for the sport has continued through coaching.

He has been privately coaching players for 4 years, and was employed as a coach at Burke Catholic High School in 2019. With the experience gained at Burke, he now is able to train lacrosse players of all ages and abilities.

His strength as a player was always defense, but he is knowledgeable and able to train all positions. He is is excited to be able to teach and inspire others to play and love the sport of lacrosse just as much as he does.

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