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'FSA PRO' Soccer Club is Taking Shape!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Summer is on the horizon here in Warwick, NY and things are certainly heating up on the soccer fields at Hudson Sports Complex (HSC). The reason for such passion and exhilaration…a brand-new soccer squad is forming right in our backyard. It was recently announced that our very own Fox Soccer Academy (FSA) would be developing a men’s United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) team under the ‘FSA PRO’ moniker with home games to be hosted at HSC.

FSA Pro - Hudson Sports Complex

The UPSL is a professional soccer league with over 300 teams spanning across the United States. The league was founded in 2011 and continues to grow at a great pace with clubs organized in conferences based on their region. For us, we are prepping to kick-off as a new league member this Fall within the Northeast Division. We couldn’t be more excited to see this come to fruition and are currently taking initial steps to get this soccer club suited up.

The first phase: tryouts. The sun was shining and so was the talent at Hudson Sports Complex this past Sunday evening, May 19th. We had over 20 brilliant footballers take part in the first round of our UPSL soccer tryouts. Several FSA coaches looked on to scout and

prepare drills for evaluation including Fox Soccer Academy founder and current Premier League player, Christian Fuchs. Christian was very pleased with the talent and stated, "The level of play was very impressive. I am looking forward to the next tryout and to finalize a roster." It was a well-rounded group of participants as we had many local boys from across the Hudson Valley compete along with several players partake who originated from overseas.

FSA Pro - UPSL soccer

The tryout session was designed to test the players technical abilities, decision-making skills, and overall soccer intelligence. We made sure to have a proper warm-up, dynamic stretching, and eventually moved into faced-paced drills as well as 11v11 play.

We were so happy with the turnout and are very thankful to all the participants as we are excited to continue to build the FSA PRO football club. If you are interested in joining this soccer team, be sure to sign up for our second round of tryouts on June 2nd which are taking place from 3-5PM at Hudson Sports Complex.

There are many exciting things happening at Hudson Sports Complex in our inaugural year and the establishment of this soccer team is just one piece of the puzzle. We are so thankful to be part of this community and can’t wait to see what’s in store for our second round of FSA PRO soccer tryouts.

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