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Visiting the New York prison that is Fuchs’ field of dreams

Christian Fuchs - FSA PRO
Christian Fuchs cheering on FSA PRO

Re-Published Article

Original Article: The Athletic

Author: Rob Tanner

With the millions of pounds they are paid, the average Premier League footballer can buy whatever he wants, and often does. Sports cars, huge houses, luxury holidays and lavish lifestyles — nothing is out of reach for most top-flight players.

Not many, though, will have thought about buying a prison.

But then, Leicester defender Christian Fuchs is not your average Premier League player. The 33-year-old and his wife, Raluca Gold-Fuchs, are a power couple leading a multi-million dollar project in Warwick, upstate New York, to turn the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility, a former medium-security men’s prison, into a state-of-the art sports training complex.

On first impressions when The Athletic arrives, it does not seem the obvious location for a huge community venture. Steel and wire fencing surround the entire site and there is a huge guard tower overlooking the gated entrance, a reminder of the venue’s previous guise for 34 years until it closed in 2011.

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