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ODP at HSC: Developing Future Stars

US Youth Soccer - Eastern New York Youth Soccer at HSC

Hudson Sports Complex's mission is to be a sporting facility that provides world-class training space in the Hudson Valley, and ultimately, to be a venue where dreams can be developed and hopefully come true. We hold this statement near and dear to our hearts so it is with great pleasure that we have begun a relationship with the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA) as well as New York's Olympic Development Program (ODP).

Olympic Development Program - Hudson Sports Complex

Both of these organizations exist to promote the game of soccer and develop youth players who have dreams of playing at the highest levels. ENYYSA states their mission is to, "promote and enhance the game of soccer for the youth of Eastern New York between the ages of 5 and 19 years-old, and to encourage the healthy development of youth players, coaches and administrators." With a rich history that dates back decades, we are very proud to host ENYYSA training sessions and build a relationship with such a profound and influential group.

Not only is the ENYYSA responsible for overseeing several different competitions and programs on an annual basis, they are in charge of administering NY's Olympic Development Program. ODP's mission is to, "identify players of the highest caliber on a continuing and consistent basis, which will lead to increased success for the U.S. National Teams in the international arena." It is through ODP that the athletes get the training and exposure needed to progress through the national ranks as youth soccer players.

Our love of soccer is no secret, but our goal of developing all athletes is first and foremost our purpose. Forming a connection to such highly respected organizations such as the ENYYSA and ODP are true testaments to our culture and goals. We are so happy and grateful to have them at our HSC facilities so they can fulfill their purpose of developing talented youth players that can one day represent our national teams on the world stage.

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