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Freestyle Soccer Clinic with Andrew Henderson

Join this exclusive, one off clinic which takes your soccer skills and technique to the next level.

Freestyle Soccer is a unique sport and the skills are beautiful to watch. It makes people happy and has a positive impact in society.

Andrew Henderson

People call him "The Greatest Of All Time" and that doesn't come from nowhere. As a 5 times Freestyle World Champion, Andrew Henderson has put in hours and hours of training to reach his goals and became the biggest superstar in the history of the sport. He now wants to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of athletes.

Areas Of Freestyle Soccer

Freestyle soccer is the art and sport of self expression. It brings out your creative side and builds up ones confidence. Patience and self discipline are key tools for learning skills and the more you practice freestyle the more these tools will develop. There are many motor skills that training freestyle soccer will improve such as balance, coordination, speed, and flexibility.

Freestyle Soccer - Traditional Soccer

It benefits players that want to stand out in traditional soccer by learning a different set of skills to be more relaxed on the ball, have a better first touch and be able to beat your opponent in one on one situations. You will also find yourself making better and quicker decisions during games.


As part of the program Andrew Henderson will put on a show to finish the clinics in style. Spoiler alert: you won't believe what will happen!

Dates And Times

June 3-5, 5-6PM

Monday - Wednesday

Price: $125

Click here to sign up!

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