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First Ever FSA Summer Camp at HSC!

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Fox Soccer Academy NY - Hudson Sports Complex Soccer Camp

It is a year of "firsts" here at HSC and boy does the excitement & energy continue to pour in! As many of you know, our Founder and Vice-President, Christian Fuchs, is also the Founder of Fox Soccer Academy. Our two entities have joined forces & worked alongside one another the last several months, however, we've enjoyed two major inaugural events in just the past two weeks alone:

1. FSA Soccer Combine

2. FSA Summer Soccer Camp

We have already recapped the wonderful FSA Combine event here, so for this blog, we wanted to share with you how our very first FSA Summer Camp went July 8-12!

The week opened up with some nice introductions & motivation by our coaches. After a few minutes of summarizing the week's schedule, the campers went straight to work & got the wheels moving for a fun week ahead!

We had plenty of different drills and fun activities planned for the group of over 50 young boys and girls. Our coaches planned out several foundational training scenarios such as working on first touches, moving with and without the ball, and most importantly, communication.

Throughout the week, there was also a lot of focus put on more advanced skills such as ball striking, control, and playing with purpose. On the defensive end, we worked on proper tackling techniques and moving as a unit. It was also nice to have a few keepers in the mix as our coaches took them aside each day to work on reactions, footwork, and command.

Goalkeeper Training - Hudson Sports Complex

There was also plenty of time for some small-sided matches, scrimmages, and game-like drills throughout the week for the kids to enjoy! A big hit throughout the week was having specific speed & agility exercises in combination with soccer techniques.

At the end of the day, there is always room for some extra fun activities! We had a blast with our giant blow up soccer balls! We even had a talent show & a water balloon fight to close out the camp!

FSA Summer Soccer Camp at HSC

The final piece to put a stamp on the week was handing out medals, prizes, and the Camper of The Week who showed not only skill, but a great attitude & sportsmanship! The Camper of The Week received a free Leicester City FC jersey AND also 2 FREE Premier League tickets for the upcoming season!

At the end of the day, we saw a lot of happy campers, sportsmanship, and smiles! Thank you to all who joined us for our inaugural FSA Summer Camp and we can't wait to host our Goalkeeper Camp July 29 - Aug. 1 and then a second edition of FSA's Summer Camp, Aug. 12-16!

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