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Become a Friend of Hudson Sports Complex

Receive a FREE 60 minute field rental & a "NoFuchsGiven" T-Shirt by helping us connect to our new community!

⬇️ Follow the steps below ⬇️

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Save the Grand Opening picture(s) below to your device. 

Step 2: Upload the picture(s) with the right format as indicated below to your social media account(s) and display until June 1, 2019.

Step 3: Send us a confirmation email to with the following details: 1. Subject Line: "Friend of HSC - Your Full Name" 2. In the body of the email, send us link(s) to your updated social profiles

Step 4: We will send you a Thank You Confirmation email in reply.

Step 5: For your support, you will receive: 1 (one) FREE 60 minute field rental at HSC as well as 1 (one) "NoFuchsGiven" T-Shirt! The free field rental is valid between the dates of June 3, 2019 & September 3, 2019!*

 *You can redeem by contacting us at after June 2, 2019. This free field rental cannot be combined with any other promotions during the designated dates. Each individual participating can only redeem a one-time rental & one free t-shirt.

Thank you for your support in advance & we hope to see you at our Grand Opening on June 1st in Warwick, NY!

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Twitter Cover Picture

Social Profile Picture

For more information please contact us at or call (845) 986-7777.

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