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Field Rentals For

1on1 Training Sessions

Field Rentals Available For 1on1 Training Sessions

Hudson Sports Complex is happy to announce to open its doors for 1on1 training effectively on May 25th. Book your individual space and start getting active to be ready for the upcoming season. Bookings are available for all sports!

Please email us at or call (845) 986-7777.

To book soccer training session please visit


Speed & Agility training can be booked here.

Hours For Rentals

Monday - Friday, 12PM - 6PM

Weekends, 10AM - 6PM


$15 for 1 hour

Rules & Procedures
for training with social distancing during COVID-19
Your Stay At HSC
Venue Layout COVID.jpg
Drop-Off/Pick-Up Areas

To guarantee a safe drop-off and pick-up process you will find two designated areas (black & blue) marked with ”pick-up” and “drop-off”. These areas will be easy to access with the car to avoid contact with other people.

Parking Area

Parents and spectators will not be granted access to the fields and must remain in the car in the designated parking area.

A Hudson Sports Complex member of staff will assist with drop-off and pick-up and guide parents to the designated parking area.

- During drop-off and pick-up, PARENTS MUST STAY IN THEIR CAR AT ALL TIMES.
- Coaches will wait at drop-off area to welcome the player.
- Players can only walk to designated practice area with the coach after being picked up from the drop-off area.
- Players can only be dropped off 5 minutes before the session and must be picked up on time to avoid waiting time.
- Only players are allowed onto the fields at all times. Parents must stay in their cars to watch from a distance using the designated parking areas.
- Players must enter and exit the fields at a safe distance and make their way straight to their designated training space and/or pick-up/drop-off point.
- Cones will be used to mark safe distancing around the venue/fields.
- Staff will be enforcing these rules at all times.
Training Rules

Coaches & Players

Coaches are asked to wear face masks at all time and to keep a minimum of 6 feet distance to each athlete.

Each coach and player is responsible to assure safe distancing within the training group.

Field Setup & Training

The fields are split in equal spaces (marked with cones or gates). Each space will have a safety distance of 6 feet to the bordering training area. Should a ball cross over to another field, neither the coach nor a player are allowed to recover the ball, but will have to wait for the other training group to return the ball.

- All activities to be performed at a distance from coach to coach interaction, drop-off, parent engagement, player engagement, session feedback and pick-up.
- All drills and sessions must always be designed for player-to-player and/or coach-to-player to be 6 feet apart.
- Only coaches are allowed to set up and move equipment at all times. Players are in charge of their balls (if applicable) only.
- All balls and equipment must be wiped and disinfected before and after the sessions by staff/coach.
- Players need to have own drink bottles in order not to leave designated coaching areas.
- Hand sanitizer and fully equipped hand-washing facilities are available. These facilities can be used by one person at a time. Additional outdoor porta-potties are available.
- All doors and gates to the fields and sanitary facilities will be open to limit hand-to-hand contamination.
- Cleaning equipment will be provided by Hudson Sports Complex to disinfect if necessary.
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