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Football Training:

Gridiron Challenge

HSC Gridiron Challenge

Use the summer as an opportunity to get better for your upcoming season. This is the time to prepare for the grueling demands of the Gridiron. Train with us at Hudson Sports Complex so you can get reps competing against the best local high school and college athletes.


We are accepting 20 local Quarterbacks, Defensive Backs, Receivers, and Running Backs for our Gridiron Challenge. By participating, you will experience top-tier training to not only improve your game, but your overall athleticism & agility. You will be challenged through many different drills & game-like scenarios so you can develop better positional skills.

You will be put to the test through speed & agility training, footwork drills, and in-depth exercises to improve your skills at your exact position. ARE YOU READY TO ACCEPT THIS CHALLENGE?!

Football Program Details

Who: This program is open to all high school & college DB's, WR's, TE's, RB's, & QB's


When: TBD

Session Times: 90 to 120 minute training sessions

Sessions Format & Schedule: 9AM - 11AM

  • 9AM - 9:30AM

    1. Warm Up Drills

    2. Dynamic Stretching​

  • 9:30AM - 10AM

    1. ​40 Yard Dash​​

    2. Vertical Jump

    3. 5 Yard - 10 Yard - 5 Yard Shuttles

    4. Broad Jump

  • 10AM - 10:30AM

    1. Individual Position Training​

  • 10:30AM - 11AM

    1. 1v1 Match Ups​

    2. 7v7 Matchups

Registration: You must preregister as space may become limited



  • $25 Per Individual 90 Minute Session

  • $30 Per Individual 120 Minute Session

  • $70 Per 3 Session Package

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