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Presented by Core Theatre Group, Hudson Valley‘s newest professional theater company. Founded by four local theater professionals, CTG is proud to bring innovative theatrical events to the greater Warwick area.
The Show


Stuck with a flat tire during a storm, squares and sweethearts Brad and Janet discover the eerie mansion of the frenzied and fabulous Dr. Frank’N’Furter who unveils his latest and perfect creation, a muscle man named Rocky. A madcap sendup of sci-fi and b horror thrillers, The Rocky Horror Show is a playfully provocative cult perennial with raucous characters and a “killer” rock ‘n’ roll score.

About Core Theatre


With a home base in Warwick NY, Core Theatre Group is the Hudson Valley‘s newest professional theater group. Setting course to enrich our community by connecting people through the transformative power of performing arts and offering creative collaborations of visiting industry professionals and local talents.


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