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Professional Sports


There Is Nothing Better Than The Perfect Picture!

It's the last play of the game...the ball was hit high and far: HOME RUN! The players are celebrating ecstatically with their last minute win! The excitement will be talked for years to come & the moment will be captured forever thanks to our professional sports photographer!


Unforgettable memories are happening every week here at Hudson Sports Complex so let us help you capture them so they last forever through our professional action photography.

We are currently offering several different photography packages for both individuals and teams. We want to be able to provide you images you can cherish for the memories can become stories for generations. Learn more about our photography packages today by contacting our staff sports photographer.

Team: In-Game Photography

We will capture the best moments of the team before, during, and after your games so you can share with the entire team and families. We will do our best to get as many players and staff so we can deliver you a wonderful summary of the event.


- 20 hi-resolution edited pictures

- Email link to all pictures requested


Pricing: $100

Individuals: In-Game Photography


Not only do we want to capture the entire team getting the win, we want to make sure we capture as many individuals as we can getting the job done & having fun! If you want us to specifically photograph your son, daughter, or grandchild during their games, we can do just that so you have pictures to last a lifetime!


- 10 hi-resolution edited pictures

- Email link to all pictures requested


Pricing: $50

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