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HSC Co-Ed Winter
Soccer League

Lace Up Your Boots and Assemble Your Squad.

Join our Winter Co-Ed Soccer League for your chance to win $1,000 in cash!


Gather your friends and family so you can create your ultimate soccer team! Stay fit and have some fun from January 2023 through March when joining our Co-Ed Soccer League. Suit up every Thursday night and battle it out against your peers at HSC!

For the current teams participating, use the button below to stay up-to-date on all the scores and standings. Thank you for participating and good luck throughout the season!

League Information

Soccer League Details
Must be 16 or older to compete
Roster Size
Maximum 10 players
Game Format, Location, & Length of Matches
5 v 5 including goalie
Games to be played on indoor turf field
Two 24-minute running clock halves with 5-minute half-time
Minimum of guaranteed 8 games


First kick-off at 9:00 PM
Last kick-off at 11:00 PM
Regular Season Dates (Thursday Nights)
January 5, 12, 19, 26
February 2, 9, 16, 23

Playoff Dates (Thursday Nights)

March 2, 9
League Fee
$749 per team
$99 for single player
We can only allow a maximum amount of 24 teams.
Policies & Rules
  • League includes referees and soccer balls.

  • All games to be played indoors unless otherwise noted.

  • You must wear shin guards during all matches.

  • You cannot wear metal cleats. You must wear normal cleats, turf, or indoor shoes unless otherwise noted.

  • You pay per team which can be completed with the form below. We do not require each individual to sign up. Each team captain can register their team.

  • If you are a free agent in search of a team, click here to contact us and we will help place you on a team.

  • Each individual must, however, complete our waiver form which can be accessed here.

  • Substitutions must be approved by the referee prior to players entering and exiting the game.

  • The clock does not stop once the game starts.

  • The ball cannot go higher than the boards in front of the bleachers. If it does, it’s a free kick to the other team.

  • The ball remains in play if it hits the walls on either sideline.

  • The ball is out of play if it hits the wall behind either goal.

  • Corners will be awarded.

  • Goalkeepers cannot leave their areas.

  • Goalkeepers have a maximum of 5 seconds to get the ball in play from a restart.

  • Goalkeepers cannot pick the ball up from a teammates pass, unless the pass is made with a body part other than feet.

  • Players cannot enter the goalkeeper’s area. If a forward enters the area, it will be a free kick to the defending team. If a defender enters the area, it will be a penalty to the attacking team.

  • No slide tackles.

  • No foul or abusive language. Offenders will be sin-binned for 3 minutes. Repeat offenders will be expelled from the game.

  • Any player guilty of serious foul play (such as fighting, threatening behavior, etc) will be banned from competing in the league.

Official rules for game play applies throughout league play.
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