Self-Defense Through

Martial Arts

Self-Discipline, Confidence, & Improvement.

We are extremely excited to partner with The Chosun Taekwondo Academy to bring you self-defense & taekwondo classes.

Their mission is to provide authentic martial arts instruction to adults, teens, and children at an affordable price in a safe and encouraging environment.

They are offering a FREE introductory class for anyone between the ages of 12 and 50. They will be teaching skills in awareness and avoidance as well as diffusing an unprovoked attack. Various techniques of self-defense will be taught during the seminar and all participants will be introduced to the value of martial arts.

Hudson Sports Complex - Taekwondo Martial Arts
Self-Defense Program Details

Chosun students are taught fundamental drills and exercises targeted at self-defense, increasing flexibility, and overall physical fitness. Additionally, students will be taught the importance of mental well-being and discipline in everyday life.

Who: This program is open to males & females from the ages of 5+


When: Saturdays beginning August 10 --- 9:30-11AM

Registration: You must preregister as space may become limited


Pricing: $20 Per Individual Per Class