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Soccer Star’s Company Buys Sports Complex in Warwick

WARWICK – A new sports training business backed by an international soccer star purchased The Yard sports complex at a bankruptcy auction on Tuesday, and the property will remain an athletic training site.

The property was acquired by Hudson Sports, whose founder, Christian Fuchs, 32, of Austria, plays left back for Leicester City in the English Premier League. The company spent $4 million on the auction purchase, which is set to officially close over the next 30 days.

In July 2017, Tony Abbatine, a partner in The Yard along with Mark Goldstein, filed for the business to undergo a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, which quickly morphed into a Chapter 7 liquidation.

The 36-acre sports-training facility, with fields and dorms, occupies the largest single parcel at the redeveloped former Mid-Orange Correctional Facility.

In court filings, Warwick Yard LLC, the property’s former owner, claims it invested roughly $3.25 million in the athletic complex. Court filings valued the p